The scientific journal publishes “Bulletin of the Academy of Education of Tajikistan “articles by scientific
educators, university professors, methodologists, teachers of educational institutions, graduate students of local and
foreign applicants containing the results of research on pedagogical sciences.
When submitting articles to editorial board the following rules should be observed: the size of the article should
not exceed 10 pages of computer text, including those tables bibliography drawings and annotation texts in Tajik Russian
and English.
For the preparation of the article should be used the text editor Microsoft Word.
An electronic version remains simultaneously with the printout of the article. The manuscript must be printed on
a computer font Times New Roman TJ 14, format A-4 single spacing upper and lower margins 2,5 sm, left 3 sm, right 1,5
sm and all the pages should be paginate.
At the top of the page in the center of the sheet is the little of the article below after one interval, the initials and
surname of the author. Below is the name of the organization and address.
The main text follows through the given line. The article offers a summary in Tajik Russian and English with
title of article. The text of the summary is given at the beginning of the article list of references at the end.
Editorial board reserves the right to make reductions and editorial changes to the article.
Articles do not comply with these rules are not accepted.
Articles of graduate students and applicants are accepted with the recommendations of supervisors.